The Caumsett Foundation

Upcoming Projects

Farm Group Roof Replacement

Dairy BarnThe barns in the Farm Group are the primary visual focus for visitors arriving at the Park - directly behind the Visitor Kiosk and Park offices. The roof replacement project involves replacing the asphalt shingle roofs on 18 buildings (5,000 sq. ft. total) to stop and prevent further deterioration of the roofs and water damage to the interiors.

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Trail Access, Safety and Erosion Mitigation Study

FieldIn an effort to maintain an enhanced visitor experience, the Foundation is addressing the erosion on the steep hill between the Main House and the 14-acre freshwater pond in order to restore two paths that lead down the 800’ slope and establish an educational viewing site at the pond.

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Dairy Interpretive Center

Dairy Interpretive Center ExteriorThe Foundation is restoring the Bottling Plant within the Dairy Barn Complex and creating a self-guided Interpretive Center that explains the purpose and processes of the original barns.

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New Artist Studio - An Adaptive Reuse Project

Dairy Interpretive Center ExteriorThe Caumsett Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its “Artist in Residence” Program, which began in May of 2023. The program provides artists the opportunity to engage with the unique history and environment of Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve. To house this program, the Foundation has begun a 2-year plan to adapt the former Van Shed into an Artist Studio.

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Daffodil Planting and New Trail Markers

DaffodilsIn homage to Evelyn Field, the Foundation has planted 100,000 assorted daffodil bulbs to have their first bloom in time for the State Park’s system’s 100th Anniversary this spring. Trail markers will also be added throughout the Park this spring to help navigate around Caumsett’s 1500-acres.

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Fighting Invasive Species on Butterfly Hill

ButterfliesButterfly Hill encompasses 4-acres of meadow vegetated by warm and cool season grasses, forbs, and the invasive vine porcelain berry (Ampelopsis brevipedunculata). Reduction, suppression, and long-term management of porcelain berry on the site will restore its ability to support the rare Baltimore checkerspot butterfly colony in the Park.

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