The Caumsett Foundation

Building Projects

Historic Dairy Barn Complex and Interpretive Center

Dairy Barn PhotoThe Dairy Barn Complex was originally constructed as a model farm in the 1920s, and consists of the dry stock barn, hay barn, milking barn, horse barn, dairy and other outlying support buildings totaling 6,000 square feet. Until recently, the majority of the buildings had been abandoned for over 40 years and virtually all doors, windows and frames required substantial work to repair rotted and damaged sections.

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Visitor Kiosk

Visitor Kiosk PhotoThe Visitor Kiosk, originally built by the State in 2000, was redesigned and refurbished in 2021 by the Foundation and financed through grants from Parks & Trails New York,the Nadon Trust, the Foundation and the State.

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Caumsett Cafe and Seating Shed

Seating Shed PhotoOne of the most appreciated additions to the Park is the Caumsett Café, completed in 2020. Architect Beyer Blinder Belle designed the adaptation of the former Spreader Shed in the Dairy Barn Complex into a compact seasonal café.

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Park Offices, Restrooms, and Classrooms

Park OfficesCompleted in 2019, the former Calf Barn and Carpenter’s Shed in the Dairy Barn Complex have been transformed into an up-to-date office suite, modern restrooms and two spacious classrooms.

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Polo Stable Project

Polo StablesThe exterior of the Park’s most architecturally significant building, the historic Polo Stable, currently leased by Lloyd Harbor Equestrian Center, was totally restored in 2008.

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Summer Cottage, Winter Cottage and Engineer's Cottage

Cottage interiorThe restoration of the interior and exterior of the historic Summer Cottage, one of the last structures built on the estate in 1939, was a significant building project for the Foundation to undertake.

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