Calendar of Events & Programs

For information on cancellation due to weather, please check our website the day of the event, or contact the Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve office at 631-423-1770. The NYS parking fee is $8 or you can use an Empire Pass Card. For member-only activities, please present your membership card and when registering use the pass code on the back of your card. For hikes, please wear comfortable walking shoes, long socks, and bring your choice of insect repellent. Pick up water and snacks at the new Café! Programs originate from the Park Kiosk unless noted.

April 3 | 10am-2pm | Children’s Spring Scavenger Hunt SOLD OUT


Come with your family anytime from 10am to 2pm to walk all or part of the 2 1/2 mile Caumsett loop road. You will find it sprinkled with spring-themed surprises along the way. On your walk, you may catch up with Mr. Bunny; he loves taking photos! Join us for a snack in the Walled Garden, where you will also be able to pick up your take-home craft. $7 per child, Foundation Members Free




April 17| 9:30 - 11:30am | The Shoreline Family Program SOLD OUT

Caumsett has two miles of beach on Long Island Sound that are flooded twice a day by the incoming tides. Getting down to the beach at low tide we will explore the intertidal zone that is teeming with all kinds of marine animals. We will learn about tides and take a close look at snails, mussels, barnacles, and crabs to name a few of the animals live between the tides. We will also try our hand at using a seine net to see what animals might be swimming in the shallow inshore waters. Please wear old clothes and sneakers or water shoes that can get wet. $5 per person, Foundation Members Free




April 24 | 10am-12pm | Pond Life Family Program

The Caumsett freshwater pond has been dredged and shaped by human hands but has survived as a healthy aquatic habitat. Join us as we learn about the history of the pond and explore with nets, trays and magnifying glasses to take a closer look at the current fish, frogs and aquatic insects that are part of the resident wildlife population.

$5 per person, Foundation Members Free




May 1 | 10am | Pet Pals: Grades K-5

Explore the many small pets you can have in your home, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and mice. Every animal has different needs and characteristics and we will investigate all aspects of pets, from what they like to eat to where they like to live. Included is a visit from some of our “pet pals” for a fun hands-on experience. $5 per person, Foundation Members Free

May 1 | I Love My Park Day | 10am-12:30pm

New York’s public lands experienced a record-breaking number of visits during the last year, and we know many New Yorkers are eager to give back to the outdoor spaces that have been a lifeline for them. I Love My Park Day—the largest single-day volunteer event in NYS - will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021 and whether this is your first or your tenth I Love My Park Day - welcome.

The activities at Caumsett include:

1. Removing excess mowed grass from restoration field. The grassland restoration field is mowed each year to ensure that it will continue to attract grassland birds and many other organisms that depend upon this habitat.  Removing excess cut grass helps keeps the grassland healthy.  Come help maintain this important habitat and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.  You will rake the cut grass onto a plastic tarp and easily slide it to the edge of the field where it can be spread out.   Bring your own rake and garden gloves.  Long light colored pants that socks can be tucked into required for tick protection.  Bring water and sunscreen.

2.  Beach Clean-up.  According to the United Nations, at least 800 species worldwide are affected by marine debris, and as much as 80 percent of that litter is plastic.  Help clean up this litter on Caumsett’s shoreline.  Participants need to wear sturdy shoes, hat and sun block.  Bring water.

May 8 | 10am-12pm | Orienteering Family Program

Instead taking the usual walk along Caumsett’s three mile paved loop join us for an off road hike. We will explore new areas of the park rarely seen by the casual visitor and along the way learn how to use a map and compass.  Many people think they can read a map but find they do not orient the map correctly and end up making a wrong turn and getting lost. We will teach you to read and orient a topographic map, measure distance with your pacing, find and follow a bearing and best all of see parts of the Park you have never visited. $5 per person, Foundation Members Free

May 22 | 10-11pm | Create Your Own Upcycled Micro Garden

We will plant a selection of herbs, micro greens and sprouting vegetables into recycled containers to create attractive and delicious mini gardens.   Repurpose recyclables, save money, have the convenience of fresh tasty additions to salads and other recipes at your fingertips.  Containers, potting soil and seeds, supplied or feel free to bring some of your own. $10 per person, Foundation Members Free

May 22 | 11am-12pm | Funnyman Ellis Adler FREE PROGRAM

The children see step by step how “The Funny Man” goes through the process of becoming a clown. Lastly, they end up going to “clown school” by learning some basic concepts of clowning such as pretending, making funny movements, story telling, and most importantly making others laugh. Of course, there is always time left for balloon sculptures for each child. Bring your own seating, blankets or chairs.

Free Program Sign Up using code FREE

May 22 | 2-4 pm | Horseshoe Crabs Family Program

Learn about this ancient animal that has been around for 450 Million years and today is important in saving human lives. During the full moon in May (May 26) Horseshoe crabs come into shallow water to mate and lay their eggs. The Caumsett saltmarsh is a breeding area for these fascinating creatures and we can see, touch, feel, and learn as we explore the marsh at low tide. We may even be lucky enough to find their eggs as we explore the tidal sand bars. Please wear old clothes and sneakers or water shoes that can get wet. $5 per person, Foundation Members Free

June 12 | 4pm | Nature at Night

Nature at Night comprises hands-on activities to discover some of the mysterious creatures that come out at night. Participants will learn how creatures such as bats, owls and even bugs benefit our environment while we are asleep! 

$5 per person, Foundation Members Free

June 13 | 1-3pm | Photo Walk with Michael Fairchild

Walk with Michael through Caumsett and see the park through a professional photographer’s eyes. Get tips on taking beautiful shots. Michael has been a professional photographer since 1970 and his photos have appeared in publications by Audubon, Kodak, Sierra Club, Time-Life, Nikon, and National Geographic.   

$5 per person, Foundation Members Free

June 19 | 10am | Caumsett Farm Tour SOLD OUT

Join John Barone, author of  "Caumsett, a Gold Coast Estate" for a stroll around the entire Dairy Complex. Take a peek inside the many buildings and learn about the staff, what each building was used for and all about the famous Caumsett cows.

$5 per person, Foundation Members Free

June 26 | 10:30am | Magic Show FREE PROGRAM

Chris Homer, a teacher from CSH High School, began performing magic early on in his teaching career. Since then, he has presented many private shows for children and adults that include a variety of spectacular magic tricks and funny surprises. Come see Chris in the walled garden and don't forget to bring your own seating, blankets or chairs.  Free Program Sign Up using code FREE


Tuesdays June 29th – Aug. 3rd (6 classes) | 6-7pm | Reiki Circle Under the Stars

Deflate and de-stress your day and join us for an evening of Reiki and Meditation. Reiki Master Teacher Constance Korol will provide a guided mediation as well as Reiki, energy work to relax and recharge the body, to each student. Bring a bolster, blanket, pillow and yoga mat and get ready to feel... at peace. $5 each class, Foundation Members Free. 

Wednesdays July 7, 14, 21, 28 (4 classes) | 6-7pm | Yoga in the Walled Garden 

Please join instructor Constance Korol as she leads us through a rejuvenating hour of peaceful yoga and meditation in the lovely Walled Garden.  This program is appropriate for all levels, including beginners.  Come experience the healing power of yoga practiced in nature. Please bring your own mat and water, and wear comfortable clothing. $5 each class, Foundation Members Free. WHEN RAINING YOGA IN CLASSROOM B

July 10 | 10am | Volunteers for Wildlife – Sensational Senses SOLD OUT

Join Volunteers for Wildlife as you explore the wild side of the five senses in this lively, interactive program. Learn how and why animals use their unique senses, and how they differ from our own. In this program you will meet some of the reptiles, mammals & birds that call Long Island home. Learn about their unique adaptations and explore their role in our local ecosystem. Get the inside scoop on why these animals came to our Wildlife Hospital and learn how you can help others like them on Long Island!

July 23| 6:30pm | Run for Caumsett 4K Race or Walk

The Caumsett Foundation & Proactive Physical Therapy present the 6th Annual 'Run for Caumsett' 4K. Proceeds will benefit The Caumsett Foundation and all their efforts to support & enhance the Park. Water and snacks will be provided by the race sponsors and each runner will receive a personalized bib & drawstring bag.

July 24| 10am | Pollinators at Caumsett and Beyond with Sue CANCELLED

Come learn about the local butterflies and other native pollinators during this 2 to 3 hour field based program around Caumsett’s Grassland Restoration Field.  We will begin with an orientation to help you distinguish between the different types of native insect pollinators followed by a walk in the restoration area to look for and identify pollinators especially butterflies.  Binoculars will be used to study and identify butterflies and an iPhone to photograph pollinators. Bring water, binoculars, wear a hat and long light colored pants that can be tucked into your socks to protect against ticks. Receive a native plant to grow in your own garden.

$10 per person, Foundation Members Free

October 2 | 3-7pm | Chukkers & Champagne

The Caumsett Foundation's 24th Annual Benefit

​This year's benefit will be held on Marshall Field III's historic polo grounds at Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve. The day will feature polo matches, cocktails, champagne and an early sunset dinner. It will be a fantastic day filled with horses, music, contests, a silent auction and much much more!