The Caumsett Foundation

Building Projects - Historic Dairy Barn Complex and Interpretive Center

The Dairy Barn Complex was originally constructed as a model farm in the 1920s, and consists of the dry stock barn, hay barn, milking barn, horse barn, dairy and other outlying support buildings totaling 6,000 square feet. Until recently, the majority of the buildings had been abandoned for over 40 years and virtually all doors, windows and frames required substantial work to repair rotted and damaged sections.The wood siding, foundations and gutter systems needed extensive repairs. The interior spaces retain most of their historic finishes that, although worn, are reasonably intact. The project emphasized the structural rehabilitation and preservation of a historic agricultural resource and was part of a six-year project where all of the exterior features were repaired and painted.Two EPF grants - 2008 ($305,335) and 2013 ($465,385) were obtained with matching funds given by the Caumsett Foundation.

The first phase of the rehabilitation of the interior of the Dairy Barn Complex is in its early stages. The Foundation plans to restore the Bottling Plant within the Dairy Barn Complex and create an Interpretive Center that explains the purpose and processes of the original barns.The building is deteriorating rapidly and needs to be stabilized. The Foundation has hired Andrew Giambetone and Associates to begin the architectural design.