The Caumsett Foundation


David Almeida, Seascape #016, 2020, Found balloons, 16” X 20”

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Artist in Residency Display

Artist in Residency Display


Q. What are studio spaces like at Caumsett?

A. Caumsett’s work space is a one-hundred year-old barn, adapted to an artist studio. The space is 720 square feet and has eight-foot high walls, three small windows and a vaulted ceiling. This is strictly a work space, not a living space. Caumsett is providing two, eight-foot-long work tables, a professional hanging system, studio chairs and lighting. Running water is available approximately 100 feet away.

Q. Can a guest, friend, spouse, partners, significant other, gallerist, mentor, artist, etc. visit residents inside the residency houses?

A. Yes, we are a park that is open to the public. For those who do not have an empire pass, the park charges an $8 VUF fee. During your residency, family members will be allowed to visit you free of charge.

Q. Can residents bring a pet and or can pets visit?

A. No, Caumsett is a State Park and no animals are allowed.

Q. Are meals/food provided for residents?

A. Caumsett provides a $500-1,000 stipend which may be spent however the artist decides. There is a cafe open Friday-Sunday across from the studio and the Foundation will be happy to provide a detailed list of groceries and local restaurants. Doordash and Seamless deliver to the studio.

Q. Is there Wi-fi at Caumsett?

A. Yes, we have wifi in the artist studio and adjacent areas.

Q. Does Caumsett have insurance to protect my work?

A. Not at this time. Artists are responsible for all of the work or items brought into the space.