The Caumsett Foundation

About The Caumsett Foundation

Janet Barone and Eric Kuleseid
Janet Barone and Eric Kuleseid, former NYS Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and
Historic Preservation

Welcome to The Caumsett Foundation's website! Browse through its many pages and you will be treated to a virtual tour of one of Long Island’s most treasured parks- all 1,500 acres of varied terrain and historic buildings from the Golden Age of the 1920s.

However, before you begin let me introduce you to The Caumsett Foundation. Our mission is “To support and enhance Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve as a unique and historic environment on Long Island’s north shore. The Foundation is dedicated to education, low-impact recreation, historic and environmental preservation and conservation of the scenic value, natural heritage and cultural history of the site.”

The Caumsett Foundation has been recognized as a model “friends group.” We work closely with New York State Parks and the community toward a common mission: to support and enhance Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve as a unique and historic environment.

The Caumsett Foundation is a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)(3) organization. Formed by interested local citizens in 1995, every dollar donated goes directly towards on-going restoration projects, educational, cultural and environmental programs in the park.

Trip Advisor has ranked Caumsett State Park #1 in “Things to Do in Huntington”. This is of course, no surprise to our members and friends who regularly use the Park. From hiking trails to beaches, woodlands to beautiful fields and all of the historic structures, most people find something new to love about Caumsett every time they enter.

It is only through carrying out the mission of our organization, “to work with the State to preserve and enrich the park’s unique historical, cultural and environmental attributes” that we have been able to enjoy the many pleasures the Park has to offer and to preserve them for the enjoyment of future generations.

As you know, budgets continue to be tight. This is especially true for NYS parks and preserves. Your support of our local treasure, Caumsett, is particularly meaningful. Please be a part of this dedicated group that values, cares for and promotes the wonderful treasures found within.

I look forward to seeing you in the Park!

Janet Barone, President